Can’t Discover Hamilton by VIA Rail

How ironic is it that VIA Rail has a full page ad in Tourism Hamilton’s “Explore Hamilton” 2010/2011 Tourist Guide considering the passenger train service doesn’t serve Hamilton?

Once upon a time VIA Rail, the crown corporation national rail service, used to stop in the city at Liuna Station on James St N. That is until 1996 when the rail service left the city and moved operations to Aldershot in Burlington.

So it is somewhat misleading that the tag line in the ad states “Discover Hamilton by train.” Discover what exactly? All one can discover about our city by train is the houses the train passes by without stopping.

There were rumours that VIA might return to the city at GO Transit’s new station at James North, but when asked about this I was told that is not presently planned.

So if you really want to discover Hamilton by train you’ll have to get off in Burlington and take a bus the rest of the way.

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  1. One minor quibble: VIA relocated to Aldershot in 1993, not 1996. (

    I’m sure they had their operational reasons for doing that, but I’ve never really understood them. VIA’s Toronto-Niagara Falls train and Amtrak’s Toronto-New York service both still travel by way of Hamilton, but they just cruise right through. You really mean to tell me that there’s not enough demand from a city of more than half a million to justify at least a stop there, if not a full-fledged station? I just don’t get it.



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