City advising of potential privacy breach of customer information by Alectra Utilities

The City of Hamilton released information that there may have been a potential privacy breach whereby some of Alectra’s third party vendors may have access to this information without the appropriate approval.

The data that has potentially been shared with a third party by Alectra includes the following: billing name, service address, billing address and tax assessment roll number.

“The City has no confirmation that a privacy breach has actually occurred or that the information has been accessed for any purposes other than to deliver City water services,” said the release from the City. “That said, the public are being advised of this potential privacy breach and should continue to maintain their normal level of vigilance regarding their personal information.”

The release goes on to state that City staff have been in contact with Alectra and requested that it take steps to fully review and disclose the details of the potential privacy breach and address the issue immediately.

Customers who are concerned they may be impacted can contact Alectra Utilities at (905) 317-4781 or at

Source: City of Hamilton

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