Forgotten Two-Way Conversions Back to the Front

Councillor Chad Collins will be bringing two motions forward to the Public Works Committee on Monday to direct staff to bring two “two-way traffic studies” to committee “as soon as possible.” Both studies seem to have dropped off the outstanding issues list and are more than a year passed their original due dates.

The first report directed staff to prepare a two way conversion implementation plan for Victoria Avenue North, between Barton Street East and Burlington Street East. The motion was brought to committee on January 16th, 2013 and a report was supposed to be brought back to the Public Works Committee no later than the end of March of last year.

That deadline was pushed to June 2013 and then September 2013. The latest deadline for the report is this Monday’s meeting, but the report is not on the agenda.

The other outstanding report is a two-way traffic study of Wentworth Street and Sanford Avenue. Staff were directed to undertake an environmental assessment to investigate the conversion to two-way traffic from Delaware Avenue to King Street East and report back with the results to the Public Works Committee.

This motion, which was brought forward by Collins, was originally requested all the way back on April 2nd, 2012.

The renewed interest on the issue seems to stem from a consent item being brought before the committee regarding traffic calming on Sanford Avenue South.

The city recieved a petition from the residents of Sanford Avenue South, between Delaware Avenue and Main Street, back in July 2012. The petition was signed by 52 residents, requesting the City of Hamilton address concerns related to traffic speeds and collisions on Sanford Avenue South. The residents requested that the City install Speed Bumps and/or Rumble Strips as well as reducing the speed limit.

While staff are recommending the speed limit on the roadway be reduced to 40 km/hr, they are not recommending further traffic calming until a decision is made regarding the potential conversion to a two-way operation.

At the May 7th, 2014, General Issues Committee, staff were directed to follow a five year strategy regarding the conversion of the City’s one-way street network.

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