Last minute Hamilton Plaza cancellations leave Con goers in a scramble

This weekend was supposed to be a grand gathering of geeky goodness in the heart of downtown Hamilton, but the festivities of the upcoming Con Bravo is now coming into question for some. Many con goers, just 48 hours before arriving to Hamilton, are finding out that their hotel reservations at the Hamilton Plaza Hotel have been cancelled.

“Just called. They canceled my reservation,” shared Jordan Sparks via social media. “This is ridiculous!”

To make matters worse the availability of hotel rooms in downtown Hamilton are limited this close to the event with estimates showing that 93% of hotel rooms are reserved with no hotel room availability downtown this weekend.

A look at the reservation page for the Hamilton Plaza Hotel now shows that there are no rooms available at that hotel until January 1st, 2019. There is no mention on the hotel’s main website or Facebook page of any availability issues or cancellations.

“I just got contacted by to say my reservation at Hamilton Plaza Hotel & Conference Center is cancelled,” shared Lorne Kates in a Facebook post on the convention’s page. “It’s two days before the convention and the entire hotel is gone?!?”

Con Bravo has been scrambling to get the word out to con-goers via their social media channels and offering to help accommodate displaced attendees. Anyone who had booked rooms at the Hamilton Plaza can contact the Con Bravo convention via their Facebook page.

Laura Wayne booked her hotel room nearly six months ago. “I just got the notice. Totally screwed over.”

This is the ninth year for Con Bravo, a 3-Day celebration of YouTube, Gaming, and Geek Culture. It runs this weekend from Friday to Sunday from the Hamilton Convention Centre and Sheraton Hamilton Hotel.

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  1. They have also left a number of families stranded. This coming weekend (August 3-6) is the 50th World T-Ball Championships in Ancaster. Many families booked hotels at the Hamilton Plaza for the tournament. They called us this past Tuesday and unilaterally cancelled all of our reservations. They said that the hotel is “going in a different direction”, whatever that means. They offered to move us to the Sheraton, but that hotel has no rooms with two double beds, which makes it hard for families. The Sheraton made efforts to accommodate us, but there have been mix-ups with the reservations, and several families still don’t have accommodation confirmed for this weekend. This is beyond frustrating.

  2. This hotel seems to being so this to a lot of people . We booked five months ago and got an email stating they are going in a different directions a week before . Should be looked into further as they should not be aloud to operate like this

  3. I can’t believe this place. We have been booked for months. They cancelled our reservation 3 days before arrival which is this upcoming weekend. I can’t believe how they conduct business. I feel bad for the sales girl and the position she has been put in. The owners should be ashamed of how they handle this. Displacing so many people without notice or regard for anyone but themselves. When asked to speak to the owner there response is to email the sales girl and she will forward it. How about the owner takes responsibility and send out a press release to help understand the reasons for this.

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