Coun. Esther Pauls: Your ignorance is astounding, dangerous, and honestly cruel

This is an email Hamilton resident Rachel Nason sent to Councillor Esther Pauls concerning her remarks and the defeat of a motion to provide free tampons at municipal recreation centre bathrooms this week.

You’re right we are not a 3rd world country.

You were correct when you said this, which makes it all the worse that this is indeed very common. Not just in Hamilton but in so many places across Canada.

Your ignorance is astounding, dangerous, and honestly cruel. You may not have known women in your life who’ve never had to resort to those measures but I and almost every woman I know have ourselves or known someone close to us that did.

As for just leaving the house prepared as you say, what do you say to those who do not have a regular cycle? Many medications conflict with birth control, or cause irregular bleeding only. And again the point of not being able to afford them.

You spoke of not being comfortable speaking about this for so long. You are only speaking of the lives many women have to live. You can easily stop talking about it but these women can’t just stop bleeding. They can’t easily cover the discomfort of walking around with makeshift pads. They can not easily hide the stains their clothes have.

Your privilege has stopped you from having to actual have deal with many 3rd world issues that are shockingly abundant in Canada. And honestly I hope you never do. But to block something so basic that can only help with people of the city which you are supposed to serve is disgusting and frankly irrational, unless your privileges make you think you’re above those you’re supposed to serve. Which sadly I think is the case.

I’m glad you do not represent my ward. The people of your area should be disappointed that their rep doesnt believe in human dignity.

– Hamilton resident Rachel Nason

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  1. Teresa Kaulback // June 23, 2019 at 4:35 am // Reply

    I am interested to know if Esther Pauls responded to this email sent to her from Rachel Nason.

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