Unpopular opinion: I don’t like iTunes

I recently purchased a new Paramount DVD, but what I really wanted was not only the physical DVD but I also a digital copy.

In an age where you can stream anything from Netflix to Crave to just about anything else, having a digital copy of your media which you can watch at home on your TV or even on your phone at the park is great. I’m used to being able to watch what I want, when I want, where I want, but at the same time I always love to have that physical collectible DVD or Blu-ray on my shelf. It’s great to be able to have a physical copy and a digital copy.

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a physical DVD or Blu-ray, but recently I went to the store and I bought a new movie.

Previously Paramount used UltraViolet for their digital copies in Canada, with these digital copies provided through Flixster Video. UltraViolet was recently shut down and now Paramount is using iTunes exclusively for their digital copies in Canada. This would be great if I had an Apple anything, but I don’t have an iPhone or an iPad; I don’t have an iMac or any other Apple computer. I have no Apple devices at all. While it’s true you can have iTunes on a regular PC but the only problem is that I have to watch that digital copy on iTunes on my computer. I don’t want to watch a movie at my computer, in my computer chair, at my computer desk. I want to watch a movie on my TV.

Most TV and movies that I do enjoy I mostly watch on my television. I watch Netflix via the Netflix app on my phone and I cast it to my television with the Google Chromecast. The same goes for the Crave app, Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime, CBC Gem. and a host of other video streaming apps. I can also buy and rent movies through the Cineplex Store, YouTube, and Google Play and watch them all streaming from my phone to my television. I can also watch them directly on my phone as I please.

Unfortunately with iTunes this is not even an option.

While I have iTunes on my PC there is no app to download for my Android phone to be able to stream the movie I have on iTunes to my television. I can’t watch the video from my iTunes on my phone at all and I am locked to using my computer.

I’m very disappointed that Paramount chose to use iTunes exclusively for digital copies in Canada as there are multiple other streaming options that would have been a far better and more universal option than iTunes.

It’s true that I could have just bought a digital copy from the Cineplex Store or through Google Play but I want that physical copy, the actual physical case on my shelf with my movie collection. It’s just disappointing that the digital copy that I get with that physical copy is useless to me.

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