Canadian Premier League announces schedule, third of games during the workweek

The Canadian Premier League announced the schedule for their upcoming season. The shorted season, dubbed The Island Games, will kick off this Thursday, August 13th with CPL champion Forge FC Hamilton facing off against their 2019 rivals (in a rematch of the 2019 Championship finals) Cavalry FC.

The first stage will feature all eight teams in the CPL competing in a total of 28 games thru September 6th. Every team will play each other team once through the first stage with the top four teams advancing to the group stage. The top two teams after the group stage will then play for the North Star Shield and be crowned 2020 Canadian Premier League champions.

But first, we’ll need to make it through the first stage. With the entire season being played behind closed doors the only way to support and watch your team is via the One Soccer streaming service, which is the exclusive broadcaster of the CPL. One Soccer is carrying every game live, however there is an issue as to how the league has scheduled the a number of those games.

The season opening game between Forge FC and Cavalry FC is taking place at 1:00pm ET on Thursday.

A third of the 28 games through the first round are taking place during the afternoon during the week. Games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays have 1:00pm ET starts and games on Thursdays have 2:00pm ET starts. Other than a second late game on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm ET, the latest game played on any day throughout the stage is 4:00pm ET.

Afternoon games on the weekend aren’t bad, but for those of us who work through the week the early weekday starts are awful.

  1. THU AUG 13 – 1:00PM – Cavalry FC at Forge FC
  2. SUN AUG 16 – 3:00PM – FC Edmonton at Forge FC
  3. WED AUG 19 – 8:00PM – Forge FC at HFX Wanderers
  4. SAT AUG 22 – 4:00PM – Pacific FC at Forge FC
  5. WED AUG 26 – 1:00PM – Forge FC at York 9 FC
  6. SUN AUG 30 – 3:00PM – Forge FC at Atlético Ottawa
  7. SAT SEP 5 – 12:00PM – Valor FC at Forge FC

One Soccer also changed their subscription model over the CPL off-season from a monthly subscription to an all-in price. A full season subscription to watch your club’s seven games will set you back about $10 a game, or $69.99 CAD. It’s unclear from the One Soccer website how long that term lasts, if this is an annual subscription, or when the subscription ends.

For myself, as someone who works during the day through the week and on Sunday afternoons as well, I would only be able to watch three of the Forge FC’s seven games live. $70 for potentially just three games is a very steep price.  For an overall soccer fan who will watch more than their hometown team there may be some additional value there, but for someone who is only planning on watching specific content it’s not there.

I won’t be able to watch Forge FC in person this year, and I might not even be able to watch them on television either.

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