Hamilton Stadium Deal All But Done

West Harbour? Ticats say they’ll never play there.
East Mountain? City says it doesn’t fulfil city building guidelines.
CP Railyards? Too expensive to acquire the lands.
Confederation Park? Voted down by city council as a potential site.

So where do we go now?

The Tiger-Cats stated that they will never play at a stadium located at the West Harbour, which is now the only site that has been approved by city council. Pan Am organizers, having already extended the city’s deadline several times, have set a drop dead date of February 1st for a decision.

Will there be some sort of last minute resolution or will the city decide that no decision can be made and forfeit the games?

The first option seems unlikely, unless Bob Young (owner of the CFL club) was bluffing with regards to relocating the team and agrees to the West Harbour. The second option seems foolhardy to give up the option to build a world class stadium.

Losing the Hamilton Tiger-Cats would not be the end of the world, but it would certainly do a lot to dampen some of our civic pride. I agree that the East Mountain was not a good site to build a stadium and it is a shame that the CP site proved too costly to acquire.

City council is set to ratify the decision to not study the Confederation Park site. Coincidentally GO Transit has announced that they are studying the feasibility of putting a station on the Niagara expansion of Lakeshore West line at Centennial Pkwy, just down the road from this site. The station would be called Confederation Station.

I personally hope the stadium conundrum can be resolved in such a way that the city and the Tiger-Cats get the stadium that both parties want.

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