Hurricanes Blow Through the Braves

The Hamilton Hurricanes kicked off their season on a high note in Burlington. Hamilton may have had a slower start but after half time they were in full force and as much as Burlington put up a fight it was no match for the Canes.

Hamilton took the lead early after the Braves gave up a safety, but it wasn’t long before they made it onto the board themselves as well. In the second quarter Burlington took the lead, but it would be the only time the Braves would lead throughout the game as the ended the first half up 19-12.

Head Coach Jay Hayes said, “At halftime we just stressed the importance of knowing our assignments. We made a number of errors in the first half and we were only down 7.”

The second half the Hurricanes came out strong and ready to take back the lead. After forcing the Braves to punt, Jason Ledonne blocked the punt and recovered the ball for the Canes; which would the comeback. That was just the beginning, as the Hurricanes would find the end zone a couple more times, and almost managing to hold the Braves off completely in the third.

After a 70 yard run and a couple of flags the Braves found their way into the end zone to put up some points and end the third 33-26.

The final 15 would see just one more touchdown from the Canes, as they would take home the win with a 40-26 final score. Next weekend the Hamilton Hurricanes host Windsor AKO in their home opener. Coach Hayes says that in order to beat AKO next week they will need to limit both the penalties and mistakes. Kick off is scheduled for 4pm at Cardinal Newman high school in Stoney Creek.

Written by and Courtesy Becca Luden (@BeccaEL)

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