Late season high scores & city tenpin champions

A trio of near perfect 299 games were rolled by David Novak & Bruce Tyler at Star Lanes and Bill Lishinski at Skyway Lanes. Novak’s triple was 768 (299,239,230) and Tyler’s was 669 (299,168,202). Lishinski was very happy with his 299 as it lifted him to an even 800 (235,266,299) , his first 800. Matt Havens started with 11 strikes but came up short on his last ball for a 297 game & 740 triple. Bernie Fenton also rolled 11 strikes in a row at Star Lanes but it was from the second frame for a 279 & 721 triple.

With the 2016 – 2017 over, the final totals for honour scores are 18 perfect games, eight games of 299, a pair of 298’s and five triples of 800 or more for a total of 33 honour scores. There were three 297 games and four 290’s. Lionel Lewis Jr. led the way with a trio of 300 games, all within a one month span. With a pair of 300’s each were Aaron Bouchard, Mick Anderer, Ian Colby, Ryan Dickenson and Travis Cauley. Rolling one perfect games were Roy Katz, Steve Ferguson, Steve Smith, Shawna Prieur & Bill Lishinski. With 299’s were Mark Ward, Roy Katz, Travis Cauley, Stephen Born, Kevin Kartonchik, David Novak, Bruce Tyler & Bill Lishinski. Missing perfection by two pins were Kris Berry & Brian DeFrancisco. The always difficult to obtain 800 triple were dealt by Ryan Dickenson 827, Len Garinger Jr. 816, Lionel Lewis Jr. 807, Richard Parker 803, and Bill Lishinski 800.

The oldest person in the world is 117 years old, and two years after she was born the City Tenpin League started. Last week they concluded their 115 th. consecutive year of operation, the oldest sanctioned league in Canada. The champion quartet are Mark Andrews, Randy Latendre, Pete Haveman & Mick Anderer with Mark Ward, John Cooper, Chris Hicks & Steve Cowie second. Third place went to Andrew McCully, Jim Selmes, Tim Gamble & Brandon Crabb.

The top two averages went to Brandon Crabb at 225 & Kevin Kartonchik at 224. Top triples were Mick Anderer 777 & Kartonchik 772. For high single it was tough to beat Anderer’s pair of 300’s, but Kartonchik was close at 299 followed by Brent Lacroix 297 & Steve Cowie 290. Most improved was Tim LaCroix at plus 15 for a current 207. The “B” division winners were Peter Cross 662, Matt Lacroix 646, Ron Elliott 267 & Jerry Wicks 266.

Super secretary Steve Cowie reports that of the 43 triples of 700 or better, the best was Crabb at 11 followed by Kartonchik 10, Anderer seven, Cowie five, Ward four and Randy Bukowski with two. Roy Ward, John Cooper, Mark Andrews & Pete Haveman each had one. A staggering 276 triples of 600 or better were recorded with Mark Ward high at 25 followed by Tim LaCroiz 23, Kartonchik & Haveman 21 and Anderer & Cowie tied at 20.

Super singles are Mick Anderer with his pair of 300’s, Kartonchik 299, Brent LaCroix 297, Cowie 290, Mark Ward 289 & 278, Randy Bukowski 280, Tim LaCroix 279 & 277, Brandon Crabb & Mark Andrews 277, Mick Anderer 276 & John Cooper 274.

Late season high V.S.L. triples are Mike Ellis 734 (258,251.225), 689 (258,220,211), 664 (237), & 648 (241), Ed Margueratt 645 (228), 638 (249) and 620 (218). Barb Roy, 143 average was plus 95 with a sparkling 238 single & the week before she scored her high triple of the season a 510. Derek Hannah slapped a 233 and Jim Margueratt 199 & 197.


  • Frank Barber managed the “Brunswick Bowling Alleys” at 112 James St. N. from January 1912 to May 1914. He came from Connecticut in the U.S. and when World War One broke out to went back to the U.S. During his time here he also bowled duck pins and after he went home he purchased four used lanes and introduced duck pin bowling to the area on June 12, 1919.
  • In 1982 with backing from Skyway Lanes, Burlington Bowl & Hamilton Mountain Bowl, an attempt was made to schedule a bowling show on Cable 14 but it did not work out.
  • The first perfect 300 game in the world as recognized by bowling organizations was bowled by Frank Young on February 1, 1881. According to the history book “HAMILTON FIRSTS”, A Frank Young dies after falling off a fourth floor ledge on July 18, 1881, less than five months after the historic 300. Was this the same Frank Young? February 1, 1881 is also known as the date the first public telephone in Hamilton was installed in Lancefield’s store.
  • Hamilton Hall of Famer Al Shorer who bowled from 1925 to 1970, also had a hole-in-one in golf.
  • Five years before Harvey Bray fired our first 300 game in 1963, Ron Fisher had the first ten strikes for a 286 at Skyway Lanes.

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