Mountaineers Headed For OCAA Men’s Indoor Soccer Championship

The Mohawk Mountaineers and the Humber Hawks are going to the OCAA Men’s Indoor Soccer Championship. The two teams both got in by the skin of their teeth and at the expense of the host Redeemer Royals at the Pool ‘A’ Regional Tournament (Monday March 4).

All three sides finished with identical records of one win, no losses and two draws. Officials then went to several tie breaking procedures to determine the top two teams. They got to goal differential. Once again, Humber and Mohawk were even at plus-six. But Redeemer, finished at plus-three and wound up third.

So while the Royals were eliminated, Mohawk and Humber went to penalty kicks to to determine first place in the Region and seedings for the OCAA Championship. Humber won the shootout and will be the top team out of its Pool. Mohawk will be the second place team. Other Pools have yet to be determined.

Mohawk results in the Pool ‘A’ round robin at Redeemer March 4.

Mohawk 1 Humber 1 (Mohawk scorer – Abdulmalik Bashir)

Mohawk 1 Redeemer 1 (Mohawk scorer – Oginri Agi)

Mohawk 7 Sault 0 (Mohawk scorers – Abdulmalik Bashir (3) Maceo Harrison, Sani Dey

The OCAA Men’s Indoor Soccer Championship will be played at Humber, March 21-22.

Source: Al Craig

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