Perfection twice on the Same Day at Star

By Jim Margueratt

After no perfect games at Star Lanes this season, the ten-pinners made up for lost time with a pair of 300 games on the same day. After Matt Havens started with a 244 and Dave Novak started with a 242, they both were perfect with 300 games. Havens then added a 192 for a 736 triple and Novak a 225 for a 767 triple. Earlier Skyway lanes almost had their own pair of perfect games on the same day as Chris King dealt his 300 in a 722 triple (207, 215, 300), & Lionel Lewis Jr. left up the three, six and ten pins for a 297 and a 763 (236,230,297) triple. That is his first 297 game matching his son Matt and his only 297 game five years old when he also left up the same three pins. A few days later, also at Skyway, Conrad Merkir left up a shaky seven pin for a 299 game.

Mike Ellis continued his hot shooting on Monday nights at Skyway with triples of 688 (268), 664 (259) & 627 to give him a 210 average & Ed Margueratt rolled three 600’s in a row, 609, 617 & 678 (236,173,269) before just missing with 592 (225) for a 202 average. In a practice game, Mike’s daughter Easton rolled a 124 game in a practice session. On “snack’ night Mike was under average at 627 & Ed just missing 600 with 592 (225).

On other Skyway action Kevin Kartonchik 280, Aaron Bouchard 279, Ivo Colnaric 277 & high triples by Mick Anderer 746, Mark Ward 745 & Pete Haveman 736.

In Skyway Jonarc action, Art Oliver Jr. started slow with a 194 before exploding with 819 (278,288,253) for his next three for a 1013 set. The next week Art was again on top of his game with a 996 (257,246,215,278) set but Ray Beitz was even better as after 160, 223 & 227 games, he hit the ultimate, a perfect 300 game for a 910 set. Ryan Dickenson was consistent with 232, 227 & 223 before following a first frame spare with 11 strikes for a 972 set. Travis Cauley also finished strong with a 268 game for a 963 set.

On Thursday night at Skyway, reliable reporter Roy Katz reports he finally had a good night with games of 215, 258, & 242 for 715. Close behind were Stephen Born 689 (227,203,259) & Dylan Wighton 666 (186,227,253). Scott Archer dealt a 652 (238,234), Nicholas Giordano 591 (232), Ron Howarth 549 (196), Brian Harper 533 (204) & John Leger was plus 100 with a 508 (193).

Roy is back with Burlington Bowl news as Val Ciach-Link & Ron Link both had spectacular nights as Val scored a 687 (240,225,222) & Ron 665 with a personal high game of 265. Ian Colby was one pin behind Val with 686 (258) and surpassed her another week with 727 (265). Debbie Whitfield hit a 518 (192), Duane Waltenberry 493 (201) & Guy Gamache 482 (167).

Last minute news from Skyway has Art Oliver Jr. almost setting a Hamilton record. More next time.


This is not Hamilton trivia but in a tournament in the U.S., a man broke the nine game record with consecutive triples of 838 (300,300,238), 818 (264,279,275) & 814 (278,278,258) for 2470, a 274 average.

Now Hamilton trivia:

  1. Across Main Street from Hamilton City Hall was Central Bowling Alleys, which was demolished for the Art Gallery & Hamilton Place.
  2. On November 22, 1873, the Daily Spectator reported that Senator Donald McInnes had built at Dundurn Castle “ a new billiard room and bowling alley, plus new stables and outhouses at a cost of $10,000. The alleys are still there but covered over. A picture of them is in many local history books.
  3. While Hamilton Centre Bowl has been gone for 50 years, a former employee has a pair of their tenpins.
  4. While current ten-pin bowling balls have three finger holes, many years ago they had either two holes, one hole or no holes and they threw the ball like the current five-pin bowlers do.
  5. The Hamilton Bowling & Athletic Club at 112 James Street North in 1890 had a phone number of “Regent 7082”. Now that is truly TRIVIA.

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