By Jim Margueratt

Ryan Dickenson has fired his seventh perfect game as he followed 214 & 262 for the 300 for a 764 triple at Skyway Lanes. A 212 fourth game left him with a 988 set. This 300 is our third after early 300’s by Harold Jacques at Burlington Bowl & Travis Cauley at Skyway, his 21st. all time. Art Oliver Jr., who leads with 24 perfect games has taken over the Pro Shop at Skyway .

Early reports from the Pabcom Tournament in Rio De Janeiro has Cauley with 1731 & Oliver with 1539 taking the bronze medal in doubles and Cauley claiming silver in all events.

Ed Margueratt has started off the season with five triples of 600 at 632, 623, 622, 615 & 606, or better in V.S.L. action and Mike Ellis has four 600 triples, 691, 655, 624 & 608. Mike has a 253 single and Chuck Ellis a 246. Mike & Chuck claimed first place last season with Mike averaging 202 and Margueratt second at 200, his fourth ever 200 average. Last week Ellis raised his average to 208 with a 642 & Margueratt tallied his sixth 600 triple in seven weeks, a 627. Barb Roy was plus 40 at 180 & Jim Margueratt was on track for one game with a 189.

Super singles in Jonarc action are Bill Hicks 280 & 258, Corey Raymer 267 & 266, Len Garinger Jr. 267, Allan Oliver 247 & 242, Sam Gualtieri 247 & 239, John Cherriere 255 & 243, Ray Beitz 248 and Hicks also bowls good at Star Lanes as evident by a 692 triple & 258 single. Top four game set at Skyway is Art Oliver Jr. at 1029 (256,249,256,268). Other fine Skyway singles are Mick Anderer 266, Chase Oliver 265 , Ray Sakalas 257 & 239, Kevin Kartonchik 254.

At Burlington Bowl, Chris McDonald used steady games of 228, 255 & 221 to pass 700 by four pins with a 704 & then the next week just missed 700 at 695 with a 257 high game. Rob May, who tripped a pair of 300’s last season, came in with a 677 with a pair of 236’s. Super singles were Bruce Turnbull 225, Johnathan Posavad & Jan Jacobsen 224, Ricjard Wilson 223, David Clark 210 & 210, Ron Machinda 210 and beating their averages by over 50 pins were Scott Charles 206 & Darren Handler & Judy Piche 200.


  1. Over 25 years ago Hamilton was the scene of two Tenpin Bowling magazines, the PINDECKER NEWS & KEGLERS KHRONICLE. Twenty years ago the ONTARIO BOWLING NEWS & THE CANADIAN BOWLING NEWS were published for a few years.
  2. Way back in 1943 THE CANADIAN BOWLER was published out of 3 Chester Ave. in Toronto. The subscription rate was $11.25 for 15 issues. Hamilton alleys that were in operation then were Central, Olympia, Strand, Kenilworth, Connaught, Ottawa, Pla-Mor & Tivoli. One of the ads was for the King Edward Hotel in Toronto for as low as $3.00 a night.
  3. Hamilton’s oldest record continues to be Bill Rowe’s 852 triple on April 12, 2001.
  4. How did Clayton Kinzel celebrate his 66th. birthday in 1986? He fired a 298 game. Thirteen years later Oz Harris celebrated his 75th. birthday a bit early with a 299
  5. With the current football season winding down, a memory from 1963 has former Tiger Cat star Angelo Mosca rolling a 691 triple & 276 single at Hamilton Centre Bowl.

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