Smith, Lewis & Colby are perfect

Three more perfect 300 games have raised the season total to nine. Steve Smith fired his seventh perfect game as 12 strikes in a row in game two lead to the 300 and an eventual 949 (245, 300, 181, 223). Then on the same night, also at Skyway Lanes, Lionel Lewis Jr. recorded his 11th. 300 in his fourth game and Ian Colby notched his first 300 in his first game. Lewis had an 890 set & Colby 873.

Lynn & Lee Oliver were the winners in the Hamilton annual scotch doubles tournament by 11 pins over Mark & Lisa Ward with Carrie and Mike Vanoldenbarneve & Mike Merkir & Gerard Luening tied for third eight pins back. The Oliver’s rolled games of 164, 185 & 200 for the title with the Ward’s games 212, 191 & 213.

Spencer Sharkey picked up a trio of awards in P & G action as the 171 average bowler smashed games of 214, 277 & 234 for an outstanding 725 triple. It enabled him to earn a Century watch for beating his average by over 100 pins, a 250 award for the 277 and a 700 series crest. Alaine Young , started with a plus 70 game for a 519 triple and a pair of awards for a 500 triple and beating her 146 average by over 50 pins. April West was pointed in the right direction as she collected a 168 with her 115 average. Mark Winger just missed a Century award by four pins as he collected a 275 game & a 655 triple. Shayne Sharkey had a pair of fine weeks with a 245 single and an even 600 (212) triple & Susan Scargall a 222.

For the Monday night VSL group, Barb Roy & son Travis both fired 218 singles, Ed Margueratt a 217 and Derek Hannah 235 & 214. The top three averages in the Sunday Jonarc league are Travis Cauley 230, Ryan Dickenson 222 & Aaron Bouchard 219 while Crystal Whitfield holds a 216. Dickenson has the top set at 1043. Winning the first half title were Ivo Colnaric, Ray Beitz, Ed Maurer & Crystal Whitfield. Ray Sakalas, 184 average, smoked a 908 with a 279, John Olejar 258 & Crystal Whitfield 265.

At Bowlerama Stoney Creek, John Halbert 245, John DiBattista 236, Bill carter 232, Steve Clark 212, Doug Shortridge 210, Guy Gamache 209, Janet Katz a season high 179 and first year bowlers Kim Adams 139 and Tracy Berka 122.

Barry Stannix started strong at Burlington Bowl with 234 & 265 for a 657 triple, Snoopy Corbin used a 258 game for a 626, Steve Sell a 230 for a 619, Greg Salo 235 for a 635, and with a 236 game was Scott Johnson. Vic Prohaska dealt a 661 and with 200’s were Bruce Turnbull 236, Henry Hulleman 234, Gina Nicolaou 223, Ian Hadaller & Matt Tripp 219, Bruce Watson 216, Allan Gowling 208, Bruce Cisterna 207, Greg Benford 204, Bev Jones 200 and also with an even 200 was Jim Fenbow for a 518 triple. In junior action, Jorge Valdes 245 for a Century award, Susan Rivers 224, Mark Castillo 174, Liam McGrath 153, Isabella Renzella 136 and Ilya Ziborov 573 with a 155 average.

Skyway Lanes co-founder Stan Dumala turns 93 this week and for Queenston Bowl in the 1960’s, Wanda Gral has passed away at 89. Wanda was married to Leo and Leo’s sister Lillian was married to Queenston Bowl owner Carl Balon. After 10 years of running the 10 lane house, Balon sold it to Frank & Joe Pastrak who ran it until 1988. Many of Hamilton’s top bowlers in the 1950’s and 60’s , Gabe & Mary Bihary, Stan Prokop, Jim Bonk, Andy Toth, Vic Stanley, Don Watson, and others were often found at this well maintained five & ten pin establishment located two blocks from the Queenston Traffic Circle. It closed in 1988.


  • In the 1960’s Hamilton Centre Bowl was a busy 48 lane house with many top bowlers of the day competing including Terry Wira, Gabe Bihary, Bill Lasanko, Walt Zarycki, Roy Hilton, Al Cinti, Vic Stanley, Andy Toth, Jake Ceroni, Andy Brugos, Fred Rosettani, Hal Schatz, George Lane, Dan Lewandowski & Stan Quin. Toth was high average at 189 and due to many shift workers at Stelco, many teams carried eight bowlers.
  • When Gabe Bihary won the Ontario Tenpin Championship 60 years ago in St. Catharines & Niagara falls, he averaged 199 for 15 games with a high single of 244.
  • In 1980, Catharine Schroeder, 32, of Stoney Creek, with a 160 average and using a 12 pound ball, won over $50,000 at a Cincinnati Ohio tournament.
  • In March 1980, two perfect games were rolled in one week with a difference, Jim Kompare fired a 300 in tenpin play and Wayne Webb a 450 in five pin play.
  • In March 1952, an ad for the YMCA alleys managed by Ed Taylor, asked, “Why are more bowlers using the “Y” alleys?. Could it be the new balls and pins?”

Source: Jim Margueratt

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