City to distribute non-medical masks for transit users

Since June 22nd, when it became mandatory to wear a non-medical mask while using public transit, the city of Hamilton has stated that the HSR is seeing a compliance rate of approximately 75%.

Beginning Monday, July 6th, the HSR will begin a temporary program to distribute non-medical masks to customers who cannot acquire one through another means. As well, staff are working with both DARTS and local social service organizations to distribute the masks to transit users.

“As we move through the phases of our reopening, I want to remind everyone to continue to adhere to all of the Public Health measures we have in place,” stated Hamilton Mayor Fred Eisenberger in a release.

The masks are one-time use only, and will be available while supplies last. HSR is committed to the safety of our operators and customers, and is distributing these masks to help provide customers with a temporary solution until they can acquire their own personal mask to use consistently on future travel.

As capacity on HSR buses has been increased loading customers in through the front door for fare collection as of July 1 has resumed, the City is reminding customers that they are required to wear a non-medical mask while riding the bus, taking DARTS and using TRANSCAB.


Source: City of Hamilton

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