HSR announces project with researchers at McMaster to “re-envision” transit in Hamilton

Photo by Jason Nason | Hamilton Today

Earlier today at McMaster University the HSR announced a new project with researchers in McMaster University’s Faculty of Engineering and the McMaster Institute for Transportation & Logistics. The project will undertake a systematic review of Hamilton’s transit network to re-envision the HSR.

HSR will work alongside the researchers to engage with customers and other key stakeholders to broadly assess Hamilton’s transit network.

The goal of the project is to better understand what customers want and need from their transit service and ultimately bring forward suggestions for reconfiguring the transit network across the city.

“Improving the quality of transit service must meet the desires and expectations of users with the quality standards and targets of service providers,” stated Dr. Moataz Mohamed, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Civil Engineering. “Transit is not only about running buses around the city, it is about providing a quality experience to attract more users. In this project, this model will be applied to benchmark the quality of HSR from different perspectives including current users, potential users, and operators. These, along with performance measures will be used to guide the future of HSR service.”

The transit network in Hamilton has remained mostly unchanged through the years and hasn’t seen any major changes in decades.

The city has continued to grow and the HSR has been slow to expand into growth areas. Hopefully some fresh eyes will bring some fresh ideas into the Hamilton transit network.

Public engagement efforts will begin later this spring.

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