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In an era when the print media seems to be disappearing, a group of local writers have chosen to buck the trend and launch a new monthly journal. Urbanicity is a new monthly journal – a collection of ideas, issues and experiences of the bay city, as referenced by publisher and editor Martinus Geleynse.

Urbanicity arrived around the city this week, the first issue in a monthly collection of stories penned by local writers, journalists and contributers. Contributers to the journal include a former columnist for the Hamilton Spectator, local business owners, independent journalists and even a former Hamilton mayor.

The articles throughout are concise and thoughtful, with insight and an air of positive thinking rather than the negative ideas and ideals found in some media. Graham Crawford for example penned a positive look at municipal costs savings with a positive approach. Crawford chose to look at the issue with a creative brainstorming tactic rather than criticizing some councilor’s opinion on what constitutes inconsequential spending.

The eight page journal is peppered with stunning photos of Hamilton, all in black and white.

I haven’t yet seen a phyical copy of the journal, though with a print run of 10,000 copies and being distributed throughout the city I’ll pick one up soon. Thus far I’ve only seen this debut issue online via the website Urbanicity.ca.

Issues can be found in Downtown Hamilton and many BIAs around the city. Take a look at the first issue online to see where you can pick up your copy.

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